Zombie Slow

Work on the Catamaran has become Zombie Slow. All 19 hatches and portlights (yes, yes that is a lot) need flat bases to sit on. This job has taken me 2 full days. It is so tempting to whack everything together and just go sailing but I really want to continue to tweak everything and bugger, i think I might be a perfectionist. Mind you, it is good to see the hatches sitting in place, even temporarily. Bling!

Home by 6pm to my adorable girls. They have been up the bush in the caravan for the past two days. Zoe and I had a good exchange of gossip. Seems she fed a possum out her hand. The sleeping bag I pimped to her was cold. Our tree house is still there. Daisy, climbed all over me and I flipped her and somersaulted her until bedtime.
Beth has the country calm about her. Nice.

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