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If I was working for anyone else I would be sacked. Often. Last week we got away twice for a total of four days. Dear oh dear. This is no way to be a grown up.

B and small Z and I headed off East on a caravan odyssey for 2 days. We heard that Powllet River caravan park was good. Secluded, beachy, interesting… survey says ‘Bah Arrrr’. We paid up, had a look around then left. The guy in the office took my name and said, “jeez mate, thank god for an Aussie name” (my name is Adams, my grandfather is English). The place felt sad in a survivalist “what a man needs is food, water and ammunition” kinda way.

We went to Newhaven and booked into the caravan park there. Tres cool!.


A jumping hill. A thing you clamor over, roughly the size of Ayers rock, that is full of air. Lots of little kidz for Z. An empty clean, safe swimming beach.


Ok, I know it sounds a bit parent – esque but I really liked it and it was close to San Remo where we hung out the next day.

Good to get away and stack some beans on.


6 thoughts on “Caravan Parking

  1. Hi can you please contact me asap, I would appreciate asking you some questions about a sunliner I’m looking at buying!

  2. Hi I am refurbishing a sunliner as per the above story in Tassy . It will go to a vintage caravan show in Canberra Oct 2013
    Chassis is now all done but I need info on where I can get window seals and rubbers as they are perished and need replacing. You may see me in the current vintage van mag.
    Regards Chris

  3. Chris,

    Hi. Call up Scotts Old Auto Rubber.

    Look in there catalog and see if you can sus the profile you need.

    If they don’t have it ( they did have it at one stage) others in Melbourne will. Google search car caravan window rubber and call them up.

    Good luck,


  4. Chris,

    I just noticed the Big hART reference in the Mag (my partner gets it).
    Did you get onto me via Andrew Viney? Andrew, who i have’t been in touch with for years, got in touch yesterday and mentioned the Museum of the Long weekend Project after seeing a pic of our Sunliner on my FB page. A strange co-incidence?

    I used to do stuff with Fusion and have helped Scott Rankin out, back in the day. Late 1980s.

    Anyhow, good luck with it all and keep me posted.


  5. Hi Chris,

    I love what you did with your caravan. I know it was a while ago, but who did you get your caravan shipped with? My granny has one just like this sitting in her yard and I want to ship it down from Port Macquarie to Melbourne.. Any idea of what cost I might be looking at?

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