1962 Sunliner

2008 has been a wild ride. I have taken 6 months off from work. I had no idea that was going to happen. The first 3 months were spent hanging out with my new family.
The last 3 months have been spent restoring a 1962 fibreglass caravan for my partner. It is her dream to have
a vintage caravan. Something to holiday and hang out in. Something to tow behind her Humber Super Snipe.

She got the caravan sent down on a truck from a paddock in NSW where it had been sitting in the weather for 18 years!
Needless to say it was trashed… which explains why it cost $207.

It has been sitting around here, pining for attention, for about 2 years. It has been kinda been hanging over my head. So I gave myself a deadline. Have it ready for the Maldon Folk Festival. I have 11 days to go…


7 thoughts on “1962 Sunliner

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  2. Love the pics mate. Thanks for sharing, dude. However, drinking Coopers is never Bogan (a word we seldom use in NSW) but makes you appear ubane and hip.
    Tell your wife I have given up breast-feading as my man boobs are too sore afterwards. See my 63 Sunny. Snap!
    best ‘washes’
    Dorian Mode

  3. Hello
    I just saw my first Sunliner at a car show and have fallen in love with them. Are they hard to come by?

  4. Hi We are looking for a Sunliner van to restore and tow behind our hotrod

    Could anybody outthere have any clues how to track one down

  5. Hi, I sure can give you a clue where to find them…

    These caravans are also known as the Concord Caravan. We own the original moulds to these caravans and due to overwhelming demand we are now manufacturing them again after a wee break from the market. The new Concord Caravan will be launched late 2010 – Four models are being launched… better and more glorious than before.

    The new website will be launched in the next couple of weeks. If you want to register your interest or follow our progress you can visit us at http://www.concordcaravans.co.nz

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Concord :-) Undoubtedly the best caravan on the market!

  6. Hi Guys
    I have the same Van as the photo’s and was woundering where you got the front & back windows from?
    mine need replacing.


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