…and then there were six

What started out as a ramble for just the Father in Law and myself grew into

The Big Family Outing

Six of us sailed the 10NM to Ryhll for a yum Fish and Chip lunch.

Zoe and Daisy can never sit still. I am resigned to taking off thier jackets as they dive below and putting them back on again 5 minitues later. Then clipping them on as they go forward, then unclipping them as they steer for a while. If there was a way to wire them up and extract electricity from thier perpetual motion…

The boat swallows up six people easily. Ray or myself or the kids kick back and steer. Beth hangs on the net and Jan in the cabin. We had about 12knots on a broad reach there and the same home. A lovely day.

Maybe one of the last sails ever for me on Surfarosa. We are trying to launch our Schionning cat in January and I have finally wrapped my head around the idea that maybe I should pass Surfarosa on… I’m very keen for it to go to the right person. I dont want it to sit sadly in someones driveway. Or simply raced around the cans. It is an amazing boat. A beautiful, strong boat. It deserves to be loved and taken on adventures.

2 thoughts on “…and then there were six

  1. Lovely boat the build looks amazing. e mail me if you are still interested in passing it along.Fair winds. JJ

  2. Hi M, i see you have been bitten by the sailing bug. Me too. Bought a 30’ft timber motor sailer last May and have it moored at Blairgowrie where we now live. Would love to catch up.
    On our way back from an overnight sail to St Leonards in Jan.

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