All that wander are not lost.

Just spent three days away from the Boat Build. Zoe and I went on a Grand Adventure to Phillip Island. We caught up with a dear friend of mine and his lovely partner and his two gorgeous and kind girls. I say ‘kind’ because they looked after the Newly Four Zoe beautifully. She was keen to have fun with them and they invited her into thier world. I rarely saw her. I only caught glimpses of her parachuting Dinosaus off the balcony and scampering into the bedroom.


We hung at a house in Smiths Beach. A snug lovely little village against the sea. The beach is small and shelves slowly between two jangly rock outcrops.


We dipped into the bay near Cowes, talked and ate awesome BBQ Morrocon chicken. Then in the late arvo went on a long slow walk along the coast.

This trip worked out well. Easy and warm. So nice to see my ‘ol pal and lovely partner.

The next day was spent hanging with both my lovelies whilst B worked. Z rode her bike to the park and back. I pushed the zesty, stawberry sunshine, that is Daisy, in the pram.


and a short cut through the Supa Market…


and back out on the street…

Back on the Trail

The bike gang has arrived…

The Park

We rambled around town for a few hours. I really like this little town. The end of the street frames a sparkling view of Westerport Bay. I bump into half a dozen people I know – all up for a chat. The kids park is awesome. There is a very groovy and friendly cafe in the main street and a good one on the bay. There are piers and boats and moments away are great clean swimming beaches. Bike paths, mangroves, forest – all within walking distance…!

Anyway… We trotted on down to the park by the bay and did laps of the stuff there. Across the park near the forest the Circus had set up a tent. A Really Big Tent. Z was nearly onto it. Not quite, but nearly. We could have gone… but nar, it was a nice day and were having fun as it was :) Some pals dropped by on a whim in the arvo…

slide chaos


and their dog…

Where's the ball?

The next and last of my three days away from endless drudgery was spent getting to know some new folks at a backyard BBQ. We met via my dependence on coffee. They own a local cafe. They cooked us half a cow at their kooky home and we obliged by drooling all over our plates and tossing a Coopers beer or NZ wine their way now and then.

They have two lovely kids. Small Z and even Smaller D were doted on and spoilt rotten. Daisy disappeared inside their house for ‘look see’. It was funny the first ten times she did it. We hung in the backyard and talked Butchery, Treachery and History. As you do.
An easy fun afternoon. Ok, i’m ready to join the wild bush horses and enter the Boat Building fray…

I really liked having these few days with my family.
I am aware that my Dadda Adventures with my girls are a fleeting tweek in life. I spend a lot my time staring at Z and D and B in complete wonder. I hope this doesnt freak them out… tee he.

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