…and now we are four.

Small Zoe turned four on Monday. The weather was wild and windy so we cancelled a trip to Point Leo and hung at home. It was a relaxed fun day right from the start.

First four year old breakfast

There were neighbourhood kids, cake, billy carts, trampolines, mango icey poles and mayhem.

Party fun

One kid-tastic event after another. Almost none of them planned.

Mango Icey Poles.

Daisy had a wonderful time. There was a tribe for her to observe and bounce off. She wandered around with a look of wonder on her face all day.

Nana and Daisy

Oh… and the cake! A Tricerotops (naturally!). I started it at 10pm and got to bed at 12.30pm. It was egg, gluten, wheat, dairy free, as one of the little girls at the party had to avoid those things.


Beth and I couldn’t stop grinning after it was over and the kids were in bed. A lovely day.

Future small z, I love you to the stars and back.


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