Boxing Day Tradition

Heading up to Loch. The Boxing Day visit. A Tradition.

Loch is problematic for me. It is Beths family Hobby Farm and for quite a while now I have felt like a very annoying Third Wheel. Perhaps it truly could be said that I really do a splendid version of an ‘Annoying Third Wheel’…

However, I really felt the need to be with my family for the next few days.

Somewhat daunted, I climbed in the car, coaxing Daisy along the hiway without screaming fits (a win). As it is often the case with these things my fears were unfounded. I was made to feel very welcome.

At Loch there were old boats to be examined, a Tree House to renovate, books to consume, devine food to lust for, and… the serenity. Ah, the serenity.

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