Dry fitted the Escape Hatch today. I know it may be used in anger and is set up for that purpose but what a cool spot to sit and gaze into the sea. The hatch is in the kids cabin. They are going to love it. I will install a light under the water below the hatch for fish finding at night. I imagine the hatch will be used for passing up groceries and passing out beer… :)

Got home just as Zoe was going to bed but being the bad influence I like to think I am, I took her up the street to do the supamarket shopping with me. Couldn’t help but speed, twirl and crash the trolley. What is it about blokes and kids and trolleys? Who can resist?

Zombie Slow

Work on the Catamaran has become Zombie Slow. All 19 hatches and portlights (yes, yes that is a lot) need flat bases to sit on. This job has taken me 2 full days. It is so tempting to whack everything together and just go sailing but I really want to continue to tweak everything and bugger, i think I might be a perfectionist. Mind you, it is good to see the hatches sitting in place, even temporarily. Bling!

Home by 6pm to my adorable girls. They have been up the bush in the caravan for the past two days. Zoe and I had a good exchange of gossip. Seems she fed a possum out her hand. The sleeping bag I pimped to her was cold. Our tree house is still there. Daisy, climbed all over me and I flipped her and somersaulted her until bedtime.
Beth has the country calm about her. Nice.

Real work

Ok. It has been a very long time since I have done any real GRUNT work.

Sure, boat building can be hard and somewhat exhausting.
Mostly it is tedious. Some sanding here. Measuring there.

However, the past few days I have been helping a friend widen his slipway. Concreting… 30 metres of boxing in mud… A day on the sledgehammer… 60 metres of reinforcing… 3 truck loads of concrete to spead out and float…

I’m sore. Very sore.

6.45am Sat morning. Cannons Creek. Foggy road to boatyard.

30 metres of pain

Snake Charming

Ross, who, like me, is building a catamaran at Seahaven, stumbles into my shed and gasps,

“Ya gotta help me kill a snake!”.

This is the second time in a week he has said this. Seahaven is half swamp and half paddocks. Ideal for snakes, mossies, bird life, old bits of machinery and catamaran builders.

View from the farm gate. Note snake infested swamp…

Cranky the Crane. Very snakey

The creek. More snakes
Cannons Creek

Back to the snake… Ross wants the snake killed. He is bothered by the idea that he will be working here alone and he will be… “bitten and die”.

An over reaction?

Well, I tell him yes. I give him some condescending platitudes about nature vis a vie the natural order of things and such…
I take some photos of ‘offending’ snake (A Brown Snake?) as it slithers under a boat and all is right with the world.

Snake Bite

Snake Attack

…all is right with the world until Ross, one day, gets bitten. They smell fear.

Note: Ross hasn’t been bitten…. yet

Possum Magic

Today I added some final tweeks to a forward cabin on the boat. I sanded here. Moved the light over there… then, after I had been doing this for 20 minutes, I glanced up and found myself face to face with a Very Huge Possum.


Actuall position of glancing man
Sleepy Possum

I worked elsewhere for a while, but ‘The Problem of the Possum’ persisted.

Possum Magic

Lets face it. There was a chance he would do a big hairy

Possum Freak Out

Messy shed Messy mind

Ah ha!

I cleaned the natural pet supplement
shed ready for my return.

I am off (stinky stinky) on an undeserved holiday.

From little things...


Big things grow...




Started to ‘strip plank’ the second deck today on the Catamaran. The long planks were made under the boat. They get put over the tempory molds you can see in the pic. One by one. Until a deck is built. The planks are made out of 12mm balsa held together with a pine veneer. Pine veneer is something of a theme for me as I live in a wood veener saturated world. Except around the wood heater. That is, naturally, brick veneer.

The first side went well. The trick is to make the second side look like the first…

A small jump for joy will be had when the decks are finished …if the second side looks like the first.

My life is messy

Boats take a while to build. I’m hammering away at my 3rd. So I kinda know how long a while is. But i’m not telling… I’m keeping my life messy. That’s the way I like it.
(I quote Ben Lee. Tom Waits must have said it better…?)


The latest messy bit is the arrival of a shiny new button. Small z. That’s her, shining bright, up above the shed on the right… (er, sorry …new dad).
We decided that I would stay home and hang with B and z for 3 months. It was an amazing time for me. One of the best things I have ever done. Important for all of us. But wait… no boat building.

Z is now 5 months old and I am back building the boat maybe three days a week. This is going up to four or five soon. So the building pace will ramp up. It is an awesome feeling seeing it come together. However, it may take a while