Thanks, Zoe.

Zoe didn’t tell me that Daisy had fallen asleep on her in the pram.

Zoe had been stuck like that for 20 mins. It was hot.

I thought they were reading. Thinking back, there was more than the usual ‘Grins and Goos’ from passing maternal/paternal types.

Future Zoe, you are an awesome, patient sister. Thanks.

(er, next time, just push her over to the other side…)

Chooky La La

“What are you guys doing in there?”

Grassy, Daphne and Feathery are laying three eggs a day. They plonk them down together in a little box in their Chooky Home. The kids barge out the door in the morning and juggle/snuggle/drop/roll the eggs back inside.

Daisy, two years younger than Zoe, is feisty enough to claim her share.

A small slice of Backyard Farming Bliss.

…until the day there was only two eggs.

We upped the hippy ingredients in their food. Still two eggs. Stopped Daisy from chasing Grassy.

Still two eggs.

Nearly two weeks of two eggs.

…and then I found a hidden stash!

Monkey Bar

Daisy didn’t have her daytime nap.


She didn’t have it yesterday either.

I have been having some fun minding the kids the past two days but I really should have nailed the nap thing. Her poor little Doe Eyes were bugging out of her head by the time she did go to bed.

We played at home inside and outside *gasp* this morning. The three of us made a Volcano!

Dramatic pause…

Paper maché. 30 cm tall. It is still drying. Sadly, it will take a wintery while.

The arvo saw us at Gymnastics. We are new to this. The hall was full of serious stuff. All the equipment that you might see at the Olympics. Zoe was in Monkey Bar heaven.

The afternoon rambles on towards diner. Friends come over. Four kids in the bath.

Neigbours drop by.

There are 8 girls to one bloke – me.

*treading very carefully*

On yer bike, Mate.

Thursday and Friday are non Boat Building days. I hang with Zoe and Daisy whilst Beth works. She works two days a week and provides our income.

We are bears of little need.

I bottled the kids into the bike trailer and rode to a dance.

How very old fashioned of us!

A few daggy kids songs, a parachute and some other lazy props are all you need to get 20 kids skidding and falling and dancing.

Daisy was stunned by the mayhem. She was into it by half time. Zoe was buzzing.

Dropping by the library for Storytime then home for a lunch of peaches and cream (and a nibble of cheese).

I squashed them into a pram and headed out into a light rain for a wintery ramble around town. A cafe, the Library (yes, again :).

Made it to a friends place for a coffee. She has kids the same age. Easy fun for everyone.

Daisy didn’t sleep at all today… crikey.


Dry fitted the Escape Hatch today. I know it may be used in anger and is set up for that purpose but what a cool spot to sit and gaze into the sea. The hatch is in the kids cabin. They are going to love it. I will install a light under the water below the hatch for fish finding at night. I imagine the hatch will be used for passing up groceries and passing out beer… :)

Got home just as Zoe was going to bed but being the bad influence I like to think I am, I took her up the street to do the supamarket shopping with me. Couldn’t help but speed, twirl and crash the trolley. What is it about blokes and kids and trolleys? Who can resist?

Zombie Slow

Work on the Catamaran has become Zombie Slow. All 19 hatches and portlights (yes, yes that is a lot) need flat bases to sit on. This job has taken me 2 full days. It is so tempting to whack everything together and just go sailing but I really want to continue to tweak everything and bugger, i think I might be a perfectionist. Mind you, it is good to see the hatches sitting in place, even temporarily. Bling!

Home by 6pm to my adorable girls. They have been up the bush in the caravan for the past two days. Zoe and I had a good exchange of gossip. Seems she fed a possum out her hand. The sleeping bag I pimped to her was cold. Our tree house is still there. Daisy, climbed all over me and I flipped her and somersaulted her until bedtime.
Beth has the country calm about her. Nice.