Bad Dadda

At 3 years and 10 months, Small Z is flying.

This mornings role play:

Z. “You be a Dinasaur who wants to take dead Zoes bones out of the Museum and i’ll be the Museum guard”

Me. “I want to take these Zoe bones out of the Museum”
(I do a fair Dinasaur voice…)

Z. “No, leave them here, Dinasaur. They belong in a museum”


Z “What are people made out of?”

Me “….um”

Z “Star dust and Moon dust and Electricity?”

Me “Yep. Exactly that.”

…and then, just to break my heart a little…

Attachment Parenting – The keeper of the boobs..

We have no tribe to lean on. Attachment parenting is a massive struggle for my partner, B. The kids are a wonder and a credit to her. However, she is wiped. Truly flattened. She just doesn’t have a tribe. A present group of family and friends to pass the kids over to.

On paper all seems excellent. Nana stays over and so is here two days. I am here three days. I’m home the other mornings so B can swim. I do what I can. However, it really is not enough. Not for the sort of love that B throws at our kids.

I am worried about her.

Sunliner Stripes

The Sunliner needed new stripes and a new Hatch. She had to be spiffy for our annual trip to the Maldon Folk Festival. The stripes were peeling and the hatch was …well, the hatch was kinda wrong.

This time I sanded beyond the stripe as last time the paint peeled in places. Two things may have contributed.

1. I used a metal flake paint last time but didnt use a clear coat. This time I did use a clear coat and it looks way better. I overlapped the stripe by 5mm with the clear coat and this will stop any peeling.

2. Last time I didn’t sand the two pack well enough. The paint peeled along the top of the stripe in places. This time I sanded past the stripe by a nice safety margin.

Feeling good about it :)

Sunliner 01

Sunliner 02

Sunliner 03

Sunliner. Sharing the front yard.

Chasing the clouds away

Small Z and I busted out of the house today. Got in Manny the car and went on an adventure. We scooted out to
Flinders. Played in the park there. Took in the
Local art fair. Z was a miffed that she forgot
to bring her latest creation so she could “win a prize”.
Ate a donut and I had a coffee in an awesome cafe.

We then drove down to Flinders pier.
Saw two sharks! Yikes. Saw a squid being caught.
It was the most sublime day. Z likes to
know what island is what and what fish is what and “how do you
catch them?”…. I don’t know…

Pulled into Somers on way home. Ran down
the stairway to the beach. A very huge and very dead
seal greeted us on the beach. “How did he die?”
“um, ate the wrong fish”, “huh???”, “ok, he was old”
“How old?” “89” “Will I die when I’m 89?” “um, maybe”
“Are you going to die” “yep” (sounding cheery – looking
for a distraction) “What happens when you die?”
(for fucks sake Z you’re 3.5years old – spare me)
“um, you go on the compost heap and worms gobble you
up and flowers grow out of the compost, and trees too,
and bees come along and birds build nests and…”
“Then you get up out the compost heap” ….
Dear oh dear… “First one to the rock wall wins!!!”
I actually ran away from her…. :)

Somers cafe fun then home.

Watermelon Weather

Finally. Phew! That was a long winter.

I’m not sure why, but we spend a lot of our time in the front yard. The back yard is a huge wonderland of veges, lawn and play stuff, like slides and swings etc, but nope, we hang in the front yard. It is small and there is no real fence. The world passes by and we feel more connected… maybe?

Small Z eats watermelon on the veranda.

Behind You!

Behind You!

Two jasmine scented sunny days. Visiting friends, a huge footy grand final BBQ, farmers market, garage sales and a long lazy picnic with neighbours.

Small Z got to hang out out with a gadzillion kids. She is not a pushy kinda kid and hangs back a bit, but this weekend she found some new social bounce and got swept along in the fun.

She is a gentle, wild, funny, lovely girl with a nice sense of the ridiculous. I have never seen her grab or push or yell at another kid… however, as she gets more funky with this social thing, i’m sure she will toughen up a little. A sad thought.

She actually got a bit jiggy yesterday at the park. She was stuck up high between a few bigger, red cordial kids and I heard her say, “Get out of Tootles way! ToooooT!“, and they did.

Um… Tootle is a train, and she likes to be known as ‘Tootle – the train’.

Picnic Time

Parallel play

Small Z breaks my heart every now and then. She will front up to some kid at the park and in her bright perky way say “Hello” or “You have a good flower hat on!” etc. Nine times out of ten the kid stares back at her All Mullet Eyed. They stay silent or their Mum tells them to say hello or I tell them to. I don’t like to interfer too much, but…

I think the problem is that Small Z is a talker and loves to chat and sing and laugh about words and rhymes but she really still exists in the word of Parallel Play. She wants to talk to kids but doesn’t quite know how to just play with them.

She is only 2 1/2 so still time for her to sus it out.