Caravan Parking

If I was working for anyone else I would be sacked. Often. Last week we got away twice for a total of four days. Dear oh dear. This is no way to be a grown up.

B and small Z and I headed off East on a caravan odyssey for 2 days. We heard that Powllet River caravan park was good. Secluded, beachy, interesting… survey says ‘Bah Arrrr’. We paid up, had a look around then left. The guy in the office took my name and said, “jeez mate, thank god for an Aussie name” (my name is Adams, my grandfather is English). The place felt sad in a survivalist “what a man needs is food, water and ammunition” kinda way.

We went to Newhaven and booked into the caravan park there. Tres cool!.


A jumping hill. A thing you clamor over, roughly the size of Ayers rock, that is full of air. Lots of little kidz for Z. An empty clean, safe swimming beach.


Ok, I know it sounds a bit parent – esque but I really liked it and it was close to San Remo where we hung out the next day.

Good to get away and stack some beans on.


New digs

We have moved out of vitamin b12 dog
our Trailer digs! We are about 5 km down the road, in Warneet. Across from Rutherford Inlet. Kinda like our house before the Trailer, in Hampton, only back in the 1950's or something... This little coastal village has only dirt roads and one general store... but lots of mozzies!

The view from the kitchen table.

1962 Sunliner

2008 has been a wild ride. I have taken 6 months off from work. I had no idea that was going to happen. The first 3 months were spent hanging out with my new family.
The last 3 months have been spent restoring a 1962 fibreglass caravan for my partner. It is her dream to have
a vintage caravan. Something to holiday and hang out in. Something to tow behind her Humber Super Snipe.

She got the caravan sent down on a truck from a paddock in NSW where it had been sitting in the weather for 18 years!
Needless to say it was trashed… which explains why it cost $207.

It has been sitting around here, pining for attention, for about 2 years. It has been kinda been hanging over my head. So I gave myself a deadline. Have it ready for the Maldon Folk Festival. I have 11 days to go…


A bit part in your life

I get stuff for our cars on a fairly regular basis. 2nd hand stuff I get from a guy a few farms over. He has 40 or so Mercs in sheds and out in the paddock. He used to provide them to the Emergency Services for training. Most of them have ‘Jaws of Life’ cuts. Yikes. His parts are very cheap. $100 for a starter motor, etc. His service is good too. If the part is not up to scratch he will bend over backwards to get things sorted. Great guy.

Then there are times I Want New Stuff. Most of it is available in Australia but it is pricey and often people are not able or willing to help locate the right part. So I decided to take a look overseas for parts. I found a truly great Diesel Mercedes parts supplier in the US. Mercedessource.

Check out the latest parcel from them: It includes gloves. Nice. A lolly pop. Yum. Also very detailed ‘been there done that’ instructions. One tip is to use a cable tie to hold a part together whilst installing. They include the cable tie. Very cool.


Their parts are half the price what I pay here. Parts turn up a few days after ordering. They only have good stuff that they test and use themselves. The person I deal with is knowledgeable, nice and has the same car as me.

You get the idea. I’m a happy customer.

A hammer looking for a nail

Things just seem to fall apart…
String bags full of oranges
And things within the heart
Calamities evaporate and memories depart.
People laugh at anything.
And things just fall apart.


The car is up on the ramps. I’m poking at it. The other car, which is the same model, is nervous.

Poor duffers. They cop a tinkering. There doesn’t have to be anything wrong with them. I am often just a ‘hammer looking for a nail’. Working on these cars is therapy for me. An escape from an unjust and cruel world…

Well ok, there nearly always is something wrong with them.
I have to face it, they are getting on a bit…

and things just fall apart.


Tinker List

300TD Mercedes station wagon 1980
Aug 07
Front rotors and brake pads
Brake lines
Front wheel bearings
Drag link
Rear half shaft axle and diff oil
Reverse light
Glow plugs x 5
Glow plug reaming
Hydraulic suspension hose
Kick panels
Radio speakers
Adjusted valves
Transmission cooler pipe
Voltage regulator
Bio diesel fuel hoses (viton)
Fuel filters x2
Air filter
Oil change and filter x 2
Transmission fluid and filter

300D Mercedes sedan 1981 Dec ’07
Lower Ball joint
Starter motor
Bonnet latch
Gear lever bushes
Glow plug x 1
Oil change and filter x 2
Transmission fluid and filter
Air filter
Fuel filters x 2
Bio diesel fuel hoses (viton)



Started to ‘strip plank’ the second deck today on the Catamaran. The long planks were made under the boat. They get put over the tempory molds you can see in the pic. One by one. Until a deck is built. The planks are made out of 12mm balsa held together with a pine veneer. Pine veneer is something of a theme for me as I live in a wood veener saturated world. Except around the wood heater. That is, naturally, brick veneer.

The first side went well. The trick is to make the second side look like the first…

A small jump for joy will be had when the decks are finished …if the second side looks like the first.

My life is messy

Boats take a while to build. I’m hammering away at my 3rd. So I kinda know how long a while is. But i’m not telling… I’m keeping my life messy. That’s the way I like it.
(I quote Ben Lee. Tom Waits must have said it better…?)


The latest messy bit is the arrival of a shiny new button. Small z. That’s her, shining bright, up above the shed on the right… (er, sorry …new dad).
We decided that I would stay home and hang with B and z for 3 months. It was an amazing time for me. One of the best things I have ever done. Important for all of us. But wait… no boat building.

Z is now 5 months old and I am back building the boat maybe three days a week. This is going up to four or five soon. So the building pace will ramp up. It is an awesome feeling seeing it come together. However, it may take a while