Daisy Belle

Small Daisy is here. Born in the front seat of a 1981 300D Mercedes at 3.45am.

Serious storms had swept the state the night before Daisy was born. Trees were down and pushed to the side of the road. A powerline was down. Police waved us through.

We were the only car on the backroad we were taking. A 35 minute wild dream through forests and fields.

B settled into a postion to give birth and I kept driving. She reminded me we might have to pull over…

Then we did.

I got out of the car, mobile in hand, bolted around to Bs side, opened the door, pulled Bs daks down and there was Daisy… Her little head already born. I said, “hello”.

We had a small window before the next contraction so I called 000. Got through just as the next contraction started. Threw the phone into the car and small Daisy was born into my hands. The 6th day of Spring. A cold but peaceful night. Next to a wide paddock under a big starry sky.

After passing Daisy up to B. I jumped back in the car and turned on the heater. Daisy was alert and snugged next to Bs boob on her skin. B and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. We then had a very lovely kiss.

As we drove to the Birthing Center, Daisy had her first boob.

All was well.


Our wonderful midwife, Jane, met us and helped B to deliver the placenta without injections. No one bothered us for many hours. B grew stronger and came home that afternoon to a wonderous Zoe and Jan (Bs mum)

See here for a longer Daisy post by B.


Daisy. Outside.

Daisy and Nana
Daisy and Nana

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