Zoe is into Dinosaurs in VERY BIG WAY! It is all about the dinosaur…

“Tell me a story about a T Rex that becomes friends with an Allosuraus?”


This has been going on for maybe 4 months. Sure, there are other things in her life, her scooter, her drawing (Dinosaurs), the trampoline, books, but really, her little world is structured around Dinosaurs. She got upset at the park today for some reason and said “I want to go home Dadda. I want to go home and play with my Dinosaurs.”

She has a vast collection…

Whilst all this very cute for us. It may be a bit confronting for strangers and even friends who ask Zoe what her Dinosaur is called. (She is always cuddling a Dinosaur, no matter where she is.) They do have names – Stomp, Swampy etc but she will always give the full chapter and verse… their names, their eating habits, which Era they are from, how many toes they have etc etc.

Perhaps she uses her Dinosaur world to bounce ideas around in? A month ago there was no way that she could cope with the slight suggestion that the dinosaurs were extinct. Now its Blah blah “A meteor slammed into the Earth and the dust blocked the sun and that killed the plants and the Herbivores had nothing to eat so they died and then the Carnivores died” No problem. Phew. Died? she uses that word a lot and i can tell she is mulling it over. None of this comes from us. We aren’t even that keen for her to into stuff like this at her age but her curiosity is way out of control. What we don’t tell her she reads anyway. How can you not fill in the gaps and answer her questions?


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