Fishy Wah.

Out onto Westernport Bay, Victoria. An overnighter on Surfarosa. The crew – Honeybone, Gibson-Roy and Adams.

PGR wastes no time…

PGR whiting

We fish all day, sailing from spot to spot. All vague guesses. Only one of them any good.

We anchor in Chicory Lane for the night.

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Still and quiet except for a surreal humming coming from the rigging. A few red wines and ’20 Questions’.

Western Port night

PGR mocks the Maldon Folk Festival within 30secs of waking up…

First fish of the morning.
12345 once we caught a fish alive. 6789 ten. Then we put him back again.

PGR Shark thingo...?

An amazing day on the water. Azure blue. Still.

Putt Putt

Only… we have run out of water… Well… Honeybone has some.

The Lord of the Flies.


So after a brief trip back to port for bait, water and advice from a very wise but very wrong man we are back on the water.



PGR had the biggest fish fight of recent history in the last hour of our adventure. He had the monster on for so long that the rest of us lost interest and made coffee and fished on the other side of the boat. Eventually i pulled up the anchor and motored toward his catch. The monster had reefed out a lot line and PGR was getting none back. After a few circles of the boat and huffs and puffs the monster called it a day. Broke the line and swam off.

Fishing Machines

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