So, i’m 50.


No aches or pains. Three Beautiful girls. Stuff.
Some dreams fulfilled. Happy.

Raises bat… just.

A low key ‘Drift into 50’ birthday. I keep the boat at the dock for a few days. Friends camp in the backyard for a few days.

Drifting into 50 is my way of testing the water…

“Easy. Easy, Ahhh. That’s nice. Now its time to get out. Bugger, i’m stuck. Help.”

Zoe, aged 4, and I slept on the boat for a few nights.

Zoe was strangely casual about that. She has never slept on the boat on the water. In the driveway…, but not on the water.

Actually this was the first time she had ever been away from her Mum.

The first night was quite wild. 25 knots of wind.

The rigging was humming and whistling. The sun went down – as it does.

I rugged Zoe up well and truly Dadda Snug. Down below to play Snap and clean our teeth ready for bed.

Zoe has a über cosy bed up forward.

It is a crawl space that opens out into a tiny room. She dragged a herd of dinosaurs in there along with her torch, declared that “I dont want any books tonight, Dadda”, turned off the torch, and went to sleep.

I mean straight to sleep. Out like a light.

I couldn’t take it. It was a bit weird. Had she been bitten by a White Tail Spider???

So i woke her… yep, I know. Dumb Dadda.

She woke and told me, “I was asleep”, “You woke me!?”.
Then *phew* went back to sleep.

I went on deck and surveyed the Salty World. For some reason, that I don’t want to know about, the sea is it for me.

A Philosophical Birthday Beer then bed.

I love Zoe and Daisy so much, it hurts. How strange that two kooky little feisty creatures have come in to my life… although I am becoming aware that it is me that is dipping into their lives.
Hmmmm, Philosophical Beer.

We had breakfast at sunrise. Ouch. Philosophical Beer.

After snugging the boat back at the dock, we noodled home via a small forest where we played Dinosaur hide and seek. It never ends when you are Four.

Our good friends were staying in a tent in the backyard for the weekend of my birthday. I had declared that my 50th birthday would ramble over four days. Somehow, in the most beautifully sincere and sinister way, Beth agreed.

The actual day was spent at a kooky farm with Zoes’ kindergarten. The size of the signs warning that ‘Emus will Peck!’ were only matched by the size of the holes in the Emu fence. We had a coffee at The Merricks General Store. Site of our first prenancy test results celebrations… Good timing still, as Daisy slept in the car, outside the cafe window, as we slurped coffee and tea.

(Look Away – birthday swill below)

I scored some ace pressies. A new 4/3 Ripcurl Dawn Patrol wetsuit!! Boots, Tevas, a very bling Coffee Machine. Cases of wine.
I am blissed out by the loot… So shallow :)

On the last day of my ‘Drift into 50’, five of us went on a somewhat bent out of shape adventure to the remote and beautiful Sandy Point in Westernport Bay. Beth and Daisy stayed home as the gorgeous small Daisy Creature is too much of a live wire to enjoy being on a boat for a day.

It took years to sail there. The motor broke down so we were well and truly doing it 1890s style. Sails only.

I sailed close to a submarine to extract the maximum glee from the four year old Z.

She caught a Barracouta!

We had to tack into light winds all the way to the beach. Not getting there until 2pm. Rie steered nearly all the way. Which is no easy thing – steering a fickle trimaran into shifting flukey winds. She is a natural. They have inherited a boat that I am helping to trick up. Oh yes, they will be Loyal Converts to the Dark Ways of the Sea…

Sandy Point is remote. It has no road access.

The beach is pure and clean, no footprints.

Driftwood. Shells.

Soldier Crabs.

Dave stayed on the boat and landed five Flathead. He was in “Here, Fishy, Fishy” heaven. Being the fishing tragic that he is i could only be insanely and unreasonably happy for him!

The rest of us fossicked.

The trip home was all downwind. The Trimaran slid along ‘wing to wing’ and we took only an hour to get back. I cooked ‘boat flavoured’ Toad in a Hole for Jack and Z. We sailed right up to the dock.

It was fuzzy and warm to have good friends camping at our place and to have a very low key birthday. Daisy grinned all weekend. Bouncing from person to person. Squeezable. Impossibly cute with a bent sense of humour. Zoe put herself in another gear and laughed and raved her way through each day.

Thanks Beth. You are my partner in crime. My love.

I am feeling tired. I need a shave, a hair cut and a good sleep.

It’s late, i’m 50.

5 thoughts on “Fünfzig

  1. Happy birthday you inspirational and truly endearing old man! Lol so glad to hear you had a magical birthday, thinking of you guys always xxxxx Relle

  2. I so enjoyed reading about your birthday weekend little cousin :) What a wonderful way to ease into 50! Can’t believe how much little Z has grown. I didn’t realise you had finished the boat. She sure is a beauty! I have to say I was more than a little envious reading about your adventure. I miss sailing on Paul’s and Barb’s Tri…..
    Love ya cuz and happy birthday xxx

  3. Dear old Mark,

    That was such a good read. So pleased it was such a lovely entry into the ‘latter years’. We share the same birthday but your presents trump mine for sure… I got a set of broken ribs, a night in hospital. Ha. that sounds like Ian beat me up as a birthday treat. I confirm that this is not the case. When one gets old, one slips in the bathtub… and one spends the birthday week on Morphine. Thank god for a happy ending!

    Jen x

  4. Aw, I got a bit teary at the end there, mate. Thanks for posting this to all…. as was said earlier, you are truly inspirational, and the girls have a beautiful father and life partner!!! We are all blessed to have you in our lives. Hapy 50th fella, here’s to fifty more!! Love Dan

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