Got any change?

With 20 minutes to kill whilst my wetsuit was being repaired I wonder along the main street of Dandenong. I feel good as it reminds me of my old stomping ground of Footscray. Not yet disinfected, chromed and polished. I get my fix of ‘$2 shop’ containers, clamps and plastic boxes. I shuffle back to the car with my trashy treasure only to find a stranger in a uniform lurking by my car and tapping things into an ominous looking box.

“Is this your car?”
“Hi. How’s it going?…” silence. “Wow, I didn’t even notice there were parking meters here”

The weird bit…

“Yep, it is only 20c. You got 2 bob on ya?”
*phew and dog vitamins for skin
disbelief* "Oh. yeah yeah." Digs out wallet "um (stutter) I don't have any change but i'll get some now as I gotta go and..."
"Yeah, righto then. You gotta put some money in ok?"

At this stage I get all 'thankfull' and 'have a great day' like. You don't want me to repeat it - it wasn't pretty. The parking inspector then takes a question from an old lady and walks with her up the road.

I go back to the shop and pick up my wetsuit. I tell the guy of my magical and mysterious encounter. He says "was it a girl? A good looking girl? By herself?"
"um yeah. Is she a ghost?"

It turns out they had guys doing the job and they got bashed up, regularly. So they doubled up on the guys and they got bashed up, regularly. Now they simply don't worry about the revenue and have employed super friendly parking people. The parking meters are there to limit the time you spend parking, not as a grab for cash via fines...

Whoa! The rest of the day was good too.

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