Hairy Hordes

We live about 50km from the dog vitamins supplements
city the crow flys. Not many people have heard of the little town near us and i'm guessing that is just fine by the locals.

All the roads are dirt. Most houses are time-stamped 1950. Nearly everyone has a rusty car and old boat in the yard. There is a general store which has a diesel pump and a beer fridge. There is a pier a small sandy beach. You can tell I like it. That is also why I am not telling you the name of it :) Ya gotta keep the hairy hordes away!

Nobody except for a few locals ever use the BBQs. They are by the water and free. You gotta love that. We got some pals together the other day for some tasty BBQ action.


It was a tad cold. We hung in there and ate through gritted and chattering teeth then warmed up with the obligatory kick of the footy.

Master chef to the stars, Jack, took over the gentle art of teesing taste into the Kangaroo Patties.


Clue: A Labrador appears in any picture that is ever taken in this town.

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