How ya goin mate?

I am travelling to Nth America. Leaving in May. Going for 5 weeks. I am not excited about this…

What is wrong here?

Having never been there before shouldn’t I be laying awake at night considering the thrill of it all? Researching funky things ‘to do’? Poring over travel guides?

Wait a minute.. did I say I had never been there before? Um.. is that true? Do thousands of hours of American TV shows and movies count as having been there? Mc Donalds, Starbucks, The Simpsons…

I was in a band for ever and dog vitamin c
upon listening back to recordings I am horrified to hear myself bleating away in an American accent. sheesh.

OK OK. You get the picture. I am an ungrateful shit. I have a chance to travel and at the end of the day I am taking it. I know I will wriggle past this malaise. Well, of course I will. I always seem to enjoy the situations I find myself in. The very ones I bicker about. So I do know I need to find some enthusiasm.

There are 4 of us travelling together. Three generations. The Toddler, the Mum, the Dad (me) and the Nana. That in its self is a hoot. So, after very little soul searching, I have decided to just go with the flow. Enjoy each day as it unfolds. Get to know Bs Mum and what she is into.

I mean it's not like I can really hit Route 66 with a case of Tequila and re live scenes from my favourite Cohen Bros films on this trip. I am not going hang out at a soup kitchen run by the Catholic Worker movement. (I lived in 'community' in Melbourne based on this crew and would love to catch up with them.) Or drift down the Intra Coastal Waterway for hundreds of miles playing poker, drinking whiskey and inviting myself to dinner...

Maybe I can just keep it simple. Enjoy some laughs and moments with some Americans I meet on the street. Get to know Bs relatives, they seem like a lively lovely crew. Maybe I can entice our troupe along to a street party or two. It will be summer and everyone loves a street party. Maybe hang out at a local Baseball game. Cool. Go for a surf on Martha's Vineyard, if I can get past that Jaws was filmed there... Daa Dum. Hopefully I can avoid tourist-cattle-truck 'Events and Monuments'. I can always 'roll my ankle' if I am asked to go along to a play on the basis that a Hollywood 'star' is in it. Or if i'm going to be dragged into some 'upmarket NY' this or that I can pretend that I just got a call from The Lodge and My Country Needs Me... mate.

Hmmm. I suspect I will have a blast once i'm there. Should I take my own coffee machine?

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