3 thoughts on “Launch of the Sunliner – 1 day to go… yipes!

  1. Man that is awesome! a dream machine … that I desire … and dream of … how hard was it to find and how much did it cost to buy originally? I have seen a disused one in a local backyard and I want to make an offer but have no idea of costing? would appreciate your advice?


  2. Bizzi, hi. They are not that expensive to buy fully tricked up. Around 3 to 4 k. A beaten up one might sell for 1 k. It would generally take around 3 months hard work to get it up to speed. New windows are hard to do. The chassis is difficult to remove. All else is straight fwd.
    I recently did one up and charged 5k for my time and materials. I undercharged at that price. I would suggest finding one that you can use now. Look at vintage caravan sites re secondhand vans.
    Good luck. Let me know how you go.

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