Launch of the Sunliner – 10 days to go

OK. 10 days to go before we drive into the blue yonder in the ‘as yet’ unfinished caravan. See last post…


Things still to be done…

– Sand undercoat ready for topcoat.
– Get topcoat applied. (By somebody else – a first!)
– Paint stripes and arrow on side (Fun!)
– Build hatch and paint it. Secure it temporarily.
– Cut out four windows. They are 3mm acylic (perspex).
– Source specific rubber to fit windows into.
– Fit windows. I have to heat and bend them.
– Begin 12volt wiring. To fuse panel.
– Fit vinyl flooring.
– Fit tail lights and number plate light.
– Put all the cupboard doors and lower kick panels back on.
– Source and cut and fit foam for dinette seating/bed.
– Source and fit aluminium trim for table and stove/sink.
– Put main door and flyscreen door back on.

Work done today…

Trailed the nupro dog supplement reviews
the newly undercoated van home from the boatyard.
I spoke to a Sunliner Caravan Guru on the phone. He put me in touch with a possible source for the window rubber.
Told me there are about 300 sunliners still in existence. They were made in Forster NSW and Bunbaberg Qld. Ours is a
Victory Special. I think... Said he saw ours when it was in the paddock in NSW. Said "you couldn't have paid me to take it home..." hmmm... Oh well, it now has a second chance at life :)
Spent sometime learning how to bend perspex. Went over the van and filled in most of the pin-holes with a mixture of 2 pack undercoat and a 'filler' powder (West 405). Stared at the van a few times. It stared back.

Nothing much was done today. I minded small Z all day. We had a hoot. Visited some pelicans and fed the seagulls.
Chased some rabbits. Chased each other etc
Slept. Played. Ate. Wee. Slept. Played. Ate. Poo. Wee. Slept... and Z did fun stuff too!

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  2. Hey*
    Looking for a nice picutre of an caravan. I`m an artist and I would like to use this picure. Can you please sent me this picture in 400dpi? Would be super nice* Greatings Dunja

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