Launch of the Sunliner – 9 days to go

Another day at the dog nutrition supplements
office. Primary carer for a 9 month old savage and fiesty Tiger cub, um, infant, um, Leopard Seal pup. So little progress on caravan. Mostly phone stuff and mostly done by B. I gave her a list of stuff to do. I won't mention that it is meant to be her project ... whoops, i didn't intend to mention that.

B scored goals...
- Rubber located. In melbourne too. Bonus. Not cheap.
- Foam sourced and they will cut it.
- Aluminium edge strip located. Near and cheap.

This is where the delicate operations take place...


One thought on “Launch of the Sunliner – 9 days to go

  1. Hi There,
    We are currently trying to source rubber window sealing for our sunliner that we are renovating, I notice that you mention you found this in Melbourne, I would be very grateful if you could let me know the contact for this as we are having trouble sourcing it. Thanks so much in advance. Dawn Bennett

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