Let them eat plate

We got ourselves to a dinner party. Yeeha!

Mung, Racheal and cat vitamin supplements
their boys Luka and Otis threw it. Christine and her new squeeze, Zoe, B and me and our Zoe were the guests.

It was a hoot. Loud. Funny and tasty.

The huge self saucing chocolate dessert fell on the floor. We ate it off the floor then decided to scoop it into some plates. Ya gotta grab dinner party dessert when you can get it and bits of broken plate cannot stand in your way. It was all the more delicious for us having rescued it. Z had a crack at sleeping but we were seriously loud and so after an hour we got her up and that was fine by her.


We took the whole day to get there. I was going to have a 'day for me'. A bushwalk and maybe a rockpool gaze with B and small Z but winter rains caved in on that idea. As B and Z slept I turned the car toward the CBD via a city beach, a few cafes and Brunswick st, Fitzroy.

We bailed late and as a bookend to the morning B and Z slept as I drove us into the wintery night back to our toasty trailer in the sticks.

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