Life Size Snakes


Surfarosa may look serene but don’t be fooled. Her decks are writhing with Life Size Snakes. They are meant to cure my problem with poo. Big gobs of poo. Bird poo. All over her decks

…and all over the snakes.

Hmmm… so I did what anyone who has sat through an episode of Hornblower would do… I climbed the mast and installed wires along the spreaders and plonked spikes on the mast head. Eureka! No more poo on the cabin roof. However, try as I might, the dear little (edible?) Shags would sit on the edges of the boat and drop their guts.

Next assault was to bring in a Life Size Goshawk and suspend it from the rigging. “Well, hi!” said the Shags. “Nice feathers… snicker snicker.”

Now, with UN peacekeepers keeping us apart, we have an uneasy truce. I give them the bows to Shag on (…couldn’t resist) and the rest of the boat is covered in netting.

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