Mothers Day

Got Surfarosa on the water for Mothers Day.


Small Z had a hoot. She loves the idea of a party and opening presents. A day for mum was fine by her. Her Nana and Nanas partener came too.

Surfarosa Mothers Day

We left from Warneet peir at around 11am after a surprise motor swap. Getting out onto the bay was such a balm to my soul. Small Z knows all about boats. She knows her port and starboard. Knows what a mast does and a boom. Names the sails. Knows bow and stern and rudder and anchor etc etc. She was in boaty heaven as we sailed out onto Westernport Bay and over to Hastings to anchor and eat cake and drink coffee.

Surfarosa Cake!

Wind was around 15 knots all day. Both sails up and a clean bottom saw us hooting along nicely.
B slept on the net.

Surfarosa Sleep

Surfarosa B

Dropped family off at peir in late arvo. I slept on boat and noodled my way back to boatyard in morning.

Surfarosa Night

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