NYE 2012

A few friends camping in the Backyard for a few days. Each day drifting nicely into the next.

Your predictable White Bread BBQ as a tasty bookend to each day.

The Family Picnic at the aptly named, Devils Bend Reservoir. Where are the 4000 ‘newly released’ trout hiding? Behind me?

The quintessential Beach Trip. Not to Bondi, as such, but more your lazy morning at Sommers Beach. Sandcastles, fossicking in the seaweed, chasing waves, chasing chips and milkshakes in the Sommers General Store …it’s all hoot when the kids are 2 and 4 and 11.

The blokey fishing trip. The Bourke st of Boat Ramps. Way, way busy. Confessing our nervousness to each other, most un-bloke like.
Six fish later and the evening BBQ is a tad more presentable.

The Big Night rambles onwards toward 12, as it does, I gradually become introspective. It had been a hard year when it wasn’t being an awesome year. Well actually, both extremes of life seemed to happen at once all too suspiciously often.

I hope 2013 is a year of exploits, adventures and joy. No matter what happens I have love for my girls. They will continue to have a Dadda that keeps them in the center of his universe.

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