On the Way to ScienceWorks

I took Zoe to ScienceWorks. A wonderful grand day out for us. An hour on the train each way.

Training it

Train T Rex

A few hours at ScienceWorks and a few hours in the city.

ScienceWorks has an animatronic Dinosaur display. Zoe is way way into dinosaurs and so this trip was exciting for her.

A REAL Dinosaur!

It was built up quite a lot and (luckily) didn’t disappoint.


We had oodles of fun. It was a hoot for the both of us to get away on our own. Z is such a sweet person but behind her curious niceness is a crazy sense of the ridiculous, she is always up for kooky fun and laughs.

After ScienceWorks exploded her wonderful mind, she declared, “Some Dinosaurs arent dead Dadda. Some are still alive at ScienceWorks!” “You said they were just mechanical… but THEY ARE REAL!” She was fairly pissed off that the dinosaurs were dead, but now she has a new take on things… apparently a Palaeontologist found some eggs and… etc it’s a long story.


We nestled into the rest our adventure. I picked her up and carried her a lot. Not that she needed me to, it’s just that she doesnt really get carried around much in a normal day and I reckon her little 3 year old self misses it. It is something I can do for her when I get a chance.

We hung out in Fed Square. Then shuffled off home.

A very Grand Adventure.

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