Sleep in the driveway

Z wanted to sleep in the boat last night. No problem… except she wanted to sleep in the crawl space up forward where *all the boat crap* is put. (note: head on sail as pillow)


Not a problem… sigh. I slept on a bunk near her. Her nightly wee was done in the boat toilet under the seat. A stinky option but one filled with wonder for Z.

Did i mention that the boat is currently in the driveway, near the footpath?! I dozed half listening to late night conversations and clops of footsteps.

Z awoke and, not knowing where she was, sat up and clonked her head.
She didn’t let me know she did this. She woke then crawled/wriggled into bed with me for while. She told her mum about the head clonking.


Sleep 01

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