Snake Charming

Ross, who, like me, is building a catamaran at Seahaven, stumbles into my shed and gasps,

“Ya gotta help me kill a snake!”.

This is the second time in a week he has said this. Seahaven is half swamp and half paddocks. Ideal for snakes, mossies, bird life, old bits of machinery and catamaran builders.

View from the farm gate. Note snake infested swamp…

Cranky the Crane. Very snakey

The creek. More snakes
Cannons Creek

Back to the snake… Ross wants the snake killed. He is bothered by the idea that he will be working here alone and he will be… “bitten and die”.

An over reaction?

Well, I tell him yes. I give him some condescending platitudes about nature vis a vie the natural order of things and such…
I take some photos of ‘offending’ snake (A Brown Snake?) as it slithers under a boat and all is right with the world.

Snake Bite

Snake Attack

…all is right with the world until Ross, one day, gets bitten. They smell fear.

Note: Ross hasn’t been bitten…. yet

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