Started to ‘strip plank’ the second deck today on the Catamaran. The long planks were made under the boat. They get put over the tempory molds you can see in the pic. One by one. Until a deck is built. The planks are made out of 12mm balsa held together with a pine veneer. Pine veneer is something of a theme for me as I live in a wood veener saturated world. Except around the wood heater. That is, naturally, brick veneer.

The first side went well. The trick is to make the second side look like the first…

A small jump for joy will be had when the decks are finished …if the second side looks like the first.

5 thoughts on “Veneer

  1. Hey M – looks good indeedy!Are you sure this is a boat & not a life-size model of a humpback? Its looking very rib-cage like…BTW get rid of the link to the dotdotdot blog – it sucks badly.

  2. Yes! a curiously itchy Humpback whale.
    dotdotdot RIP.
    Mullumbimby weather here today my surfin’ buddy.
    Just ignored the 2.3C start…

  3. M, When I see this pic my eyes somehow skim ‘the boat’ and travel directly to the TRAPEZE hanging so quietly in the background. Me thinks it ain’t so quiet on that there piece of equipment when no-one’s watching. J

  4. …and I feel concerned that your post this morning was at 2.08 AM…on a WEEK-NIGHT. Hope you haven’t gotten too friendly with your hodad neighbours. Jx

  5. Got it in one. That is my trapeze. Althougth in polite society it’s called a ‘chin up bar’.
    Am I buff? er… no. Do I use it often? er… no.

    Ok, seriously, my date thingy is wrong. I swear. What day is it?
    Yeah, way off …first socks, then shoes. Slowly. Slowly.

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