Lets go for a sail.

Dear Friends stay over for the weekend.

It’s hot, we are full of Leb and Greek tucka from Res.

We hit the beach.


The water is begining to become almost Balmy.


Somers Cafe.

I decide to take the Eight of us for a sail.

Not my Best Ever decision…

Blowing 15 to 20 knots, straight up the bay.

J, does a fine ‘Jackie O’ despite the conditions.

Lumpy. Chunderous.

Sea Sickness decends. Stef is Father of the Year.

Sorry guys. Next time, I promise it will be Sparkling.

Next time.

The girls jump into a show on iVeiw and we recover.

Ok, Daisy still looks a bit horrified.

One thought on “Lets go for a sail.

  1. Nice quirky website. Love the Sunliner. How many hours do you think you spent restoring it, as i would like to do the same but need to be pragmatic given i have kids. Thanks

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