Swan ducka

Got away to Queenscliff for a few days. It was Bs birthday.


Stayed in an awesome house. Peacefull, except for the old train out the back gate…


It is near the beach and near the town. Z loved it. We all did. A big thanks to Bs boss. It is his house.


Took small Z over to the beach. She and her mate small E plashed in the waves.


How they did that is beyond me. It was very cold.



I like Queenscliff. A dog dietary supplements
lot. It has kept alive something of its grand past. It is isolated and crumbly but somehow it seems to still hum. Lots of green spaces and wide sleepy streets. The sea, a bay, a creek. Some foodie stores to fire up the pan for. I was cook for the weekend and so had an excuse to run across the park to the deli to get 'just the right' cheese or some 'more of the local white wine...'.

Spent the weekend strolling and lolling. Z bailed up the customers of a cafe garden, ate chalk and
fell down 4 stone steps all within 10 mins... she was in fine form.


I got to poke around the new marina. What a mediocre, sad waste of space it is. All glass and chrome and faux
sandstone. $50 per night just to visit. We have sailed into Queenscliff a few times and have never paid a cent to tie up.
All our cash going into the pockets of the town cheese shop, bottle shop and bookshop. Where it belongs!
This gormless marina would have you believe there is no town.

Oh well, it will be ignored and we can at least still anchor over near Swan Island.
Near where Zs "swan duckas" are.


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