2 thoughts on “Age shall not weary them…

  1. You’re so clever! You guys have done a great job. The caravan now looks like a cute character out of the Disney movie ‘Cars’!

  2. Hi,
    I just bought a 1957 Gracemur/Sunliner 13 ft van in similar condition as yours from the grandson of one of the orignal builders of the Sunliner vans. In Qld he called the ‘Gracemur’. I love what you did with yours, and found your article when looking for tips and so on. I spotted a few of these vans here and there on our travels through NSW and Vic over Christmas in 08/09 in paddocks, and said to my wife ‘I want one of those’. Well, we got it. Turns out after mentioning it to a work colleague of mine, her granddad build them in Bundaberg and her brother has/had 2 of them. One is restored, the other we got now for $300. Anyway, love what you done with yours and I can’t wait to start on ours. I’ll be doing most things myself also, pretty much for the same reason as yours. Enjoy your beautiful van with your family.
    Regards, Frank

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