Two Daughters. Two different personalities…

Zoe has been able to read fluently from about 3 and half. Maybe earlier.
She just gets locked in and concentrates on what she is doing. She also has a bizzare imagination and a collection of stories and themes that run through the day. She is also an avid climber of trees and an active little acrobat. However she loves to read.

Daisy is just discovering books. ‘I went walking’ being a favourite. (What is it about that book? It is popular with my two daughters.) However, she loves to dance and move and walk. Oh yeah, since she has been walking she has become a bolter. The mantra is “Where’s Daisy”?

Having said all that, they have much more in common that I guessed would be the case. Mostly it is that both have a sense of the ridiculous. They know when things are crazy and funny and take that option at every time.

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